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  • Choosing the Right Recycling Facility

    louisville dumpster recyclingLiving green is beginning to click with more people and it is not only the social conscious participating in the act. Many people living in the area are looking for Louisville dumpster recycling services so that they can help provide a cleaner and healthier environment.

    Some recycling companies do not properly recycle your waste and they may not even follow recycling practices. When choosing a company, you should consider reviewing their business practices and stance on waste management to ensure that the company is follow guidelines and the same views as you. When considering the available companies, it only takes a few simple steps to figure out the right one for you and your needs.

    Single-stream recycling should be the number one practice at the facility you choose. This is when all of the recyclable items are placed into one single bin. When this process is used, the items are recycled more efficiently and properly. This practice also saves the company money and time.

    According to the Business Recycling website, consumers should take several additional steps when they decide to choose a company. One way to pick a reputable company is to tour the facility. When you visit the facility, make sure that the items are being recycled properly. When you are there, make sure to ask the management team how the process works. Evaluate the way they answer your questions and see how much professionalism they display. It is important to evaluate how each piece of waste is individually routed and reclaimed throughout the process. You can even ask the management team to inspect the product bales.

    A company’s accreditation is important and do not miss an opportunity to ask the company if they have any. These accreditation will let you know that the company has been recognized and meets industry standards. The company should use updated and current reports and manuals when proving their effectiveness to you.

    Lastly, while you are at the facility, make sure to ask if the company has ever received any type of fines or investigations for not properly following the law. If the company has been involved in any investigation or failed inspections, this will be on their public record and you can review them. If the company has not, then this is a good indication they are trustworthy and credible.

    The process of recycling should never feel like a burden to anyone and when you spend time researching facilities, you can ensure that you get the cream of the crop.

    Our company provides services to the greater Louisville area and we meet all legal and effective recycling stands. Feel free to come in and take a tour of the facility today. Our management team welcomes you.

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